An international couple with three children living temporarily in between houses, moved to this apartment while their new Florida home was being built.


The client did not want to sacrifice lifestyle or comfort. Assure was asked to incorporate existing furniture and create a stylish base for the family. Due to the nature of the project there was to be no structural work and the focus was maximum visual impact.


The apartment’s walls were all wallpapered to dress up and create visual interest in what was a very bland rental space. Graphic wallpapers were selected including wood paperbacked veneer to add warmth and texture. Assure’s selection ranged from playful oranges in the powder room’s contemporary geometric wallcovering, to traditional painterly brushstrokes in one of the bedrooms which is more sophisticated.

Existing furniture which was sourced for the clients’ previous home by the studio was reupholstered and repurposed to suit the new space. The original custom sofas for example were transformed into a sectional. Throughout the apartment Assure supplemented existing furniture with some contemporary functional pieces like bedside tables and desks.

Some works from the clients’ art collection were taken from storage to suit the temporary space. Having bought well for their previous home with the studio’s guidance the existing pieces fell into place in the new setting underscoring the importance of investing in good design.