A love for art and spatial planning is what drew Andrea Maenz to a career in interior design. Born to a cinematographer mother and being a painter herself, Maenz enjoys playing with different colors, textures and vintage pieces to add depth to her work. Maenz is a native of Ecuador and has lived and studied in Mexico and Spain. Having traveled the world over, she is acutely aware of her environmental surroundings and believes that a space's design needs to flow well from the indoors to the outdoors and should look as a natural evolution of what was once there.

Maenz holds a Masters degree in Urban and Territorial Development from the University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain as well as a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Especialidades EspiritĂș Santo in Guayaquil, Ecuador. What she enjoys most about her experience in urban planning, architecture and interior design is the human aspect of it all. Says Maenz, "how a person uses the space is ultimately just as important as how it looks."